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Areas of Practice


Business services

We represent a variety of businesses. Our clients range in size from large insurance companies to sole proprietors. We are devoted to business law legal issues and the preparation, review and negotiation of legal documents relating to the organization of corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs), partnerships and other business enterprises, the financing of business enterprises through loans, stock and equity purchases and specialized financing techniques, the purchase and sale of businesses and a wide range of business transactions that are encountered in the daily operation, growth and change of business enterprises. 

Commercial Litigation

We are equipped to handle commercial litigation, draft and review contracts and litigate contract disputes, and defend employers. We also provide business entity formation services and general counseling services with regard to legal matters such as reviewing, drafting, and negotiating contracts; ; litigation services (prosecution and defense); employee and personnel issues; and insurance matters.

Civil Litigation

A person must always weigh the costs against the benefits when contemplating filing a lawsuit. We carefully evaluate the facts and the evidence and make decisions based upon what is in the client’s best interests. In most cases, we use our negotiation expertise in an attempt to resolve the case before it goes to trial. As a last resort, we are prepared to seek resolution in the courtroom where our experiences have made us confident and earned us a credible reputation. We have litigated business disputes, personal injury cases, medical malpractice cases, real estate issues, and contract disputes in state court, federal courts and bankruptcy courts.

Personal injury

Personal injuries involve an emotional component that many firms often overlook. At Witt & Howard, we understand that personal injuries are more than just physical. We carefully evaluate each case and work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and goals. We have prosecuted and defended a wide variety of personal injury claims, including those involving car accidents, wrongful death, negligence and products liability. We strive to develop strong lines of communication with our clients and dedicate our efforts to obtaining the full financial settlement they deserve to move forward with their lives.

Real Estate

Our attorneys represent owners, sellers, buyers, landlords, property managers and developers of commercial and residential real estate with an eye for efficiency and practicality. During the initial evaluation of your case, our attorneys focus in on the issues at hand and guide our clients through the process and inform them of every practical option available to them. We have assisted clients in negotiations, alternative dispute resolution and in litigation. Legal matters we have worked on include litigation; commercial leasing and sales; residential leasing and sales; property management disputes; dispositions; and acquisitions.

Estate planning

Our attorneys help create and build estate plans to achieve client objectives by utilizing a variety of estate planning tools. We can help with estate planning, asset management, wealth transfer and estate tax planning. We are also certified with the Veterans’ Administration to help families plan for long term care for their loved ones. Through our estate planning practice, we have helped a number of people obtain an enhanced pension from the VA and reduce the financial burden on their families when assisted living becomes imminent.