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Payment & Collection

Located in Fenton, Michigan and Denver, Colorado, and serving Genesee, Ingham, Livingston, Oakland, Shiawassee, Washtenaw, and Denver Counties. We assist individuals and business owners in pursuing collection actions when delayed payment or nonpayment occurs.

Payment and Collection

Fenton, Michigan, and Denver, Colorado Lawyers Handling Collection Actions

When payment issues arise, the payment and collection attorneys at Witt & Howard in Fenton, Michigan, and Denver, Colorado are ready to represent your interests. In addition to our strong background in business law, our experience in commercial litigation helps clients resolve disputes regarding their collections problems. Contact us for a confidential consultation to learn how we can help prevent a difficult situation from becoming worse.

Payment and Collection on Construction Projects

The most common construction dispute we encounter involves delayed payment and nonpayment following completion of a construction project. Our firm provides special attention to helping a variety of project owners address their accounts-receivable problems:

  • Failure to pay

  • Complex, multiparty disputes

  • Private and public construction projects

Litigation, Mediation or Arbitration

For clients with concerns and problems related to missing or late payments, we are ever mindful of the important need for resolving matters with cost-effective, results-oriented solutions. Our collections lawyers tailor representation to your goals and the financial disputes you face. We will draft collection letters, file liens, discuss payment in mediation, recover funds through arbitration or pursue fair compensation through litigation.

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Regardless of the nature or size of a client's collections problems, we provide effective strategies and practical resolution to debt collection and related concerns. If you wish to schedule a confidential appointment to discuss your collections concerns, contact us online today.

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